It’s so important to access the love of family and friendships, giving others a chance to connect with you and permission to experience joy within yourself.  Traditions of sending gifts and cards of sympathy can provide comfort. We’ve collected cards, flowers, boxed goodies, and phone calls.  The direct connection to those who love us supports the transformation from before to now and reminds us of the gifts of life.  It doesn’t take the pain away, yet it does provide some ease, if we are willing to be open and vulnerable.  Otherwise, I know I have willingly pushed my feelings down just to keep the peace and avoid harsh judgement.  We can find some solace and strength in the love of nature, pets, familiar places, as well as connecting with a stranger at the store or the animals at a park.

The complexity of grief can also offer an unwavering love and a potential for inner peace. Maybe you’ve heard one must go through grief.  I would add if trying to avoid or push through and hide it, at some point it will return.  For some, it is described as getting stuck and when it isn’t authentically expressed, our emotions can wreak havoc on our heart, body, and spirit. Although most of us would not choose it, grief offers a chance to explore a deeper understanding of ourselves if it is met with grace, kindness, and acceptance. Hold the truth and all the learning close and remember we all have sacred place within us to access understanding, compassion, and inner peace. Grief doesn’t “go away” but most agree it changes as we move through our lives.

Grief Coaching and Grief Circles  

I have a dream of free expression of grief and support replacing all those feeling isolated, lonely, rejected, forgotten, or lost after difficult changes in life.  I want to teach the skills of connecting with compassion and an open heart.  Allowing everyone to move through grief at their own pace, supported, and cared about.  My coaching groups and consultations since I became certified, I have been honored to see what is possible.

Now I’m entering a new chapter and would love to invite those who have interest.  I will be holding grief circles monthly in person and soon online again.  Please find more details here. 

May you feel peace, kindness, and connection all around you.