About Me

With over 25 years immersed in mindfulness-based programs, my coaching centers on the transformative power of self-compassion, mindfulness, and self-empowerment while applying my expertise in health, food therapy, grief, and end-of-life. (Listen to me discuss trauma-informed nutrition on ​The Intuitive Diabetic Podcast!)

Whether confronting challenges with body, stress, self-sabotage, or navigating grief, I champion the desired changes most important to you.  I equip individuals with the tools of awareness, permission, self-regulation, clarity, and empowered choice.

I welcome people of any race, ethnicity, creed, sex, sexuality, gender identity, age, body size, or physical or mental ability.

My Values

Heart-centered: I embrace the curiosity of an experienced coach offering approaches that generate deep understanding and compassion with each person I work with. I am dedicated to creating a safe, accepting space where you can find effective, meaningful strategies for positive daily habits and a fulfilling life.

Holistic: Taking a holistic view, I highlight the deep interplay between the emotional, social, and physiological well-being for each person I work with. I focus on changes that are not only impactful but also long-lasting. By integrating trauma-informed practices, I offer a comprehensive coaching experience, diving deep into the root cause of each challenge to bring about practical approaches for genuine transformation.

Personalization: Given the years of coaching and counseling, I know each individual’s journey is distinct. Drawing from a wealth of experience, I tailor my approach to your unique experiences and aspirations, always aiming to empower you in areas that matter most. With me, you’re not just getting guidance; you gain a committed partner ready to support the actions that resonate most deeply with you.

Education, Expertise, and Empowerment: I equip you with practical tools and knowledge, empowering you to make sustainable changes.  It’s about more than just having and following a plan; it’s about mastering the skills and flexibility to adapt to life’s many scenarios.

Authenticity: I am genuine; I avoid the one-size-fits-all solutions or trendy quick fixes in any areas I have trained: coaching, nutrition, grief, or end of life. I prioritize holistic well-being over superficial metrics, ensuring that clients build an improved relationship with themselves first. I am committed to lifelong learning, professional improvement, and trauma-informed care.

“Kathleen is the exact balance of warmth and competence I’ve needed to move the needle on my self-care.

I’ve joined her groups, classes, and have a tremendous respect for the skills she displays with each of us for accountability, support, skill building, and coaching on the spot.  She is a gem in a mine that stands out among many healthcare practitioners I have felt shame and fear interacting with over the years.

To say she is a dietitian seems incredibly inadequate given her knowledge base around grief, habits, and emotion regulation.  However, I have heard her say “I’m not sure let me find out” plenty of times which also gives me confidence in her. Kathleen is a master of believing in us.  I’ve watched other group members transform in front of my eyes dropping weight, changing jobs, and moving while I have been able to decrease 3 medications with the changes I’ve made.

I cannot recommend Kathleen enough if you are struggling with your health, weight, or grief and loss.  She’s got you.  And her groups are so helpful too.”  – Jan C.

Affiliations and Credentials

  • Founder NutritionWorks Nutrition Consulting and Coaching with Kathleen
  • Co-Host “A Different Kind of Doula”, Win Win Women
  • Co-Founder Gentle Passage Doula Collective Training Program
  • Commencement Speaker, Bastyr University 2021
  • Registered and Certified WA state Dietitian
  • Certified Grief and End of Life and Life Coach
  • Mindfulness Mentorship, In Training with T. Brach and J. Kornfield
  • Adjunct Faculty, Shoreline Community College
  • Certified End of Life Doula and Trainer, Gentle Passage Doula Collective
  • Certified Wellness Coach, Wellness Coaching
  • Certified Parent Coach
  • Life-long member of the Academy of Nutrition

Past Affiliations:

  • Bastyr Nutrition Clinic Supervisor
  • Nutrigenomics Coach and Coach Mentor
  • SPU Instructor and Nutrition Counselor
  • Dean Ornish Program Trainer
  • Certified Emotional Brain Training Provider
  • Certified Shapedown Skills Provider

Bet you didn’t know this about Kathleen…

  1. I worked on a fish processing barge in Alaska when I was 19 years old.
  2. I won $500 in a talent contest in the 5th grade dancing and lip-syncing to the music from Grease.
  3. I’m one of the founders of the Zing nutrition bar.
  4. I foster animals and believe that is why my daughter is now studying to be a vet.
  5. I love to swim and ski in open fresh water lakes.