Medical Nutrition Counseling – Ditch the Fads

Bridging the gap between science, food, and your life

Navigating today’s nutrition landscape can be daunting. Have you ever felt:

  • Overwhelmed by the countless diets and wellness advice, yearning for clarity?
  • Surprised by recent health changes even when you believed you were eating healthily?
  • Confused by the conflicting messages out there, desperately wanting a solution?
  • Ready for genuine transformation but in need of trustworthy guidance and support?

With my deep expertise in both nutrition and emotional well-being, I offer a holistic approach that goes beyond mere dietary adjustments.

Whether your aim is to reduce medication, avoid surgery, or simply better manage your condition through nutrition, I craft personalized strategies rooted in evidence and compassion. From meal planning, shopping guidance, product recommendations to curated recipes, every resource I provide is tailored to align with your specific medical needs and personal preferences.

Better health isn’t about reinventing the wheel but starting with what already works for you. As one of my clients reflected, they were surprised “at how easy it was to adjust what they were already doing.” This strengths-based approach ensures that changes feel reasonable and in sync with your lifestyle.

Your path to a successful lifestyle is paved with personalized guidance addressing what you need most. Through education, coaching, and collaboration, I offer tailored support that includes things such as meal planning, lifestyle coaching, and options for more frequent check-ins for accountability.

“My doctor gave me for months to get my cholesterol level to the normal range.

Kathleen and I methodically developed a plan involving gradual weight reduction based on sound nutrition.  After four months of meeting and putting steps into place, my cholesterol level was perfectly normal, and I felt great!

More importantly, I gained nutritional knowledge that will help me for the rest of my life.” – Sandy

Individual Coaching and Counseling

A personalized session aimed at addressing your unique health concerns. I’ll provide clarity to all your questions and tailor a meal plan suiting your unique needs. Whether you’re dealing with weight concerns, heart health, diabetes, or even transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, I’ve got you covered.

Dive deep into a one-on-one partnership tailored to your distinct health and emotional experiences. Together, we’ll navigate the intricacies of nutrition, body image, and emotional balance. Whether you have specific questions about food and medical conditions, need assistance in devising a structured routine, aim to embrace mindful eating practices, seek to master self-regulation, or aspire to foster a positive body mindset – I’m here to offer you understanding and expertise.

Your lifestyle success isn’t confined to our sessions alone. You can opt for valuable support with group coaching or between appointments whenever you feel anxious, lost, or overwhelmed.Whether you need support, resources, or a quick pep talk, I’m here to provide the resources and tools you need.

​”Kathleen is a skilled and compassionate group leader. I’ve been in multiple groups facilitated by Kathleen and always appreciated the way she moved all of us through methods to connect with ourselves and one another.

I have become a better listener, communicator, and much more compassionate and skilled in the ability to take care of myself. If you have a chance to be in one of her groups, I highly recommend it.” – Lisa W.

Group Coaching

Experience shared wisdom and support among kindred spirits while practicing the skills for lasting change.

  • Connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Draw strength from shared experiences.
  • Gain multiple insights from group coaching.

My group sessions are designed to help you trust in yourself again through actively practicing self compassion and mindfulness while being present for yourself and the group.  You will be seen, heard, understood, and coached.  Book a chat with Kathleen and learn more.

“I appreciate Kathleen’s holistic approach to food; after a decade of beating myself up over unrealistic body ideals it was refreshing to discover her non-judgmental, compassionate approach to food, body, and stress.” – Katie

Personalized Coaching

Personalized planning, inspiration, and support on the go.  Weekly coaching via review for support, accountability, answering questions, with regularity and follow through without being tied down to video chats online.  This coaching is focused and succinct and is set for an agreeable set of time each week for review and responses.  Focus during the week, make plans, and offer support for desired outcomes.

Rates and Insurance


Our standard pricing structure is:

  • $175 for an initial appointment
  • $150 for follow-up appointment
  • $80 for 30 minutes
  • $50 for 15 minutes

Accepted Insurance

I am able to accept insurance for Nutrition Counseling in the state of Washington doing business as NutritionWorks LLC for the following companies:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • First Choice Health
  • Kaiser PPO
  • Lifewise
  • Premera Blue Cross
  • Regence

For those who are out-of-network or interested in using an HSA account, we are happy to provide a superbill (a special form that contains the codes for insurance billing) that you can submit for reimbursement. 

Please note that coverage varies greatly between plans. It’s recommended you check with your insurance company for your benefits.