Grief Coaching, Your Emotional Ally and Mindful Guide

Navigating grief together

Grief is an unavoidable part of life, and it can be difficult to manage.  You don’t have to face it alone.  You may notice:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by loss.
  • Needing support while dealing with death and dying.
  • Navigating challenges with waves of grief.
  • Seeking closure with unresolved matters.
  • Wanting to honor memories and leave a lasting legacy.

Grief, while deeply personal, shouldn’t be an experience anyone has to go through all alone.

Through compassionate guidance, deep understanding, and evidence-based methodologies, you’ll find the strength and tools needed to move through grief with clarity and hope.

Step into a supportive space, where sharing your journey becomes the catalyst for deepening your understanding and guiding your steps forward with renewed resolve.

Grief is a profoundly personal journey, and it can often feel isolating and overwhelming. In me, you’ll find a sanctuary of understanding and support during these times of loss and transition. Here, you’ll be seen, heard, understood, and feel cared for.

​”Kathleen is caring, compassionate, and has a passion for helping others through difficult end of life experiences.  She creates a safe place where people can share openly and freely, where true hope and support can be found. Those who are facing grief, transitions, loss and end of life issues will be blessed to have Kathleen as their coach.” – Don Eisenhauer, Coaching At the End of Life Faculty

“Kathleen listened openly and with deep compassion, waiting for me to pour all my fears, frustrations and sorrows out. She then pointed out my strengths and helped me come up with strategies and comfort measures to help me get through my days.

Kathleen didn’t dictate, judge, or tell me what to do or even try to “fix” anything. She had an innate sense of “knowing” what I needed, and helped me come to this awareness with her guidance.” – Sue L.

How I Can Help

Holding Space Consultation

Feeling scared, overwhelmed, or lonely amid significant life changes? I’m here to listen. As a trained consultant with the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death, I offer “Holding Space” consultations, a practice derived from Amy Wright Glenn’s work, emphasizing compassionate presence during times of difficulty and loss.

End of Life Consultation

Is your family navigating terminal illness or significant life change?  Feeling scared, overwhelmed, or worried about what’s to come? Has your family navigated a loss or significant life change? End of life consultation equips you with the resources and tools to move through making the best decisions for you and your family. Grief Coaching provides a sanctuary to explore coping with the shock of loss and transitioning emotions, allowing you to be authentic without the need to “show up” in a specific manner. 

Group Coaching: Grief Loss and Letting Go

Feeling overwhelmed, scared, or lonely due to a loss or significant life event? Need someone to genuinely listen? Group coaching provides a compassionate environment to navigate the complexities of loss, allowing you to authentically show up, and feel the connection with others seeking ease. The group provides a safe framework to support coping and space to be understood while supporting ways to move forward.

$175 Initial Session | $150 Follow-up Session | Package Rates Available